By Hayley Andoff

Voiceover Demos

From the warm friendly mom nextdoor, to the evil enchantress set on ruling the world, you'll find my voice is as vast as your imagination.

Acting Resume

Headshot H - Nadine Charleson


Nadine Charleson

My official IG handle is @nerdy.nadine... no joke! You can follow me @nerdy.nadine for all the BTS fun of this crazy performer life.I've always been a physical performer, having studied countless forms of dance (ballet, modern, jazz, swing), as well as martial arts (hapkido, muay thai and HEMA).Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Theater Performance with a Minor in Dance from Simon Fraser University.Since graduating I've honed skills as a performer, director and producer for over 15 years. (Where does the time go?)Based in Toronto since 2017, over the past few years I've been training in voiceover with a focus on Video Games.In my down time IRL, I'm an avid gamer and bringing to life the characters that I play is my dream come true.Currently playing: Diablo 4! (Necromancer FTW)


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